We all at some point in life came across oil stains/spills on concrete surface. To get straight to the point, there are a few products that can solve this. Just because people advertise it, doesn’t mean it always works. From everything that we tried before here are some that work better. Although to inform you, you will have to put some effort into the cleaning as well. Because concrete is a very porous material, the percentage of absorption is very high. One way to protect it, is getting the top coat (sealer). If you need help with that,  Contact Us 239-233-1321.

Now returning back to the issue.

Below are attached the products that will help remove oil stains:

Remember: the cleanness of your driveway will be affected by what type of oil stain been applied and how long the stain was on the concrete surface. The longer it stayed there, the harder will be to remove it. Also you will need to apply these products, wait for 20-30 min and then scrub it well with a stiff brush. You will have to repeat that more than just one time.


Here you have it. Good luck!

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