Why you should recycle too?


Benefits of Recycling
  • Saves energy.
  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  • Preserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals.
  • Broadens economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials.
  • Prohibits pollution by reducing the need to compile new raw materials.

Remember: If you take care of the Mother Earth, she will take care of you!

7 thoughts on “Why you should recycle too?

  1. Do recycle as I can!

  2. Do you think that our recycling is being processed now.? I slavishly still do mine but……

    1. We do ours as much as possible.
      That is the idea: After collection, recyclables are sent to a recovery facility to be sorted, cleaned and processed into materials that can be used in manufacturing later on down the road. I hope they do it the right way and save our planet.
      If we take care of the environment, it will do the same for us. We should be aware of our surroundings and how our ecosystem works!

      1. Agree totally but now do you think they are bothering. We are all doing our bit but Iā€™m suspicious of Westminster council

  3. We recycle here in Canada. ..but I hope it works..Years ago we never used plastics..or bottled water….that would help.

  4. I wish more people recycled. great post šŸ™‚

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